Nadine Jansen: Playing Charade. And Has Facebook Now! (Yes, It's Legit)

Is it just coincidental that Nadine Jansen in times, when there's a lot of talk about her role, as a model or about her looks, does a set called Charade? At least worth a thought, right? ;) Little uncertainty however is about her recently started Facebook page. Yes, it's definitely Nadine herself! Her site confirms it as well. She says after all these fake Nadines it was about time to see the real Nadine show up. She is very friendly and down to earth, also quite talkative. You have to understand German though. I asked her btw if she would mind to 'advertise' her Facebook here (you never know) - no problem. Oh, and on Charade she was apparently totally incited for playing with her looks.

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