Valory Irene: Bath Tub Sensuality + Croatia (Nadine-J News)

About 2 weeks ago the surprising news spread about Valory Irene's debut at Nadine Jansen's site, her first work after all these releases for the ScoreGroup (available in its entirely on Valory's Vault btw). I had only one image to show at that time. An image that didn't look very representative for the new stuff to come (the corresponding first photo set did). An almost 12 mins video is out now on Valory Irene takes a bubble bath. So fasten your seat belts, Valory unleashes the full impact of her charms here. That means delicious views of her 34K boobs and her curvy body. And an ultimate display of, what i always considered as another major quality of Valory, her personal charms: she looks exceptionally sensual and in an overwhelmingly natural way cute, flirty and sexy. Super amazing stuff. A couple screen shots:

Nadine's site displays also a preview image of a coming set called Croatia (probably a hint that this set was shot in Croatia). That's more the everyday radiant girl kind of stuff. Valory Irene as a sexy heroine. Super exciting stuff!

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