Oh Lord! Leanne Crow Again!!! :D XX-Cel Video Time!

… And she totally continues to amaze! Months ago i posted the announcement that Leanne Crow has worked with XX-Cel too. The first image set was released at the end of December (samples at the bottom), and finally, about a week ago, the matching video. The striped pants are a terrific outfit choice - doesn't she have a wonderful butt too? Like the casual white top. These garments go off, and we see Leanne VERY softly jiggling and alluring us with her 34J boobs and her ever so charming vibes, coming like the sweetest summer breeze. I praised XX-Cel before, f. ex. in this Kristina Milan update, for the catchy casual style. That works to even greater effect (indoors shot, natural looking light !) with this update. There are no gimmicks or screaming, bright light holding the eye hostage. The whole mood is super relaxed, so our attention remains undivided onto the pure and straight charms of Leanne. The effect is overwhelming. This XX-Cel video is probably the most essential Leanne Crow video that you can get. Screen shots:



Cel from XX-Cel has sent me bunch of samples from the matching photo set. Here you go:


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