Kore Goddess, Violet Crush & Wendy Watkins - The Super Trio To Watch!!

After having a fabulous trio only a couple of days ago, here's another one that can set a place on fire. Easily. The one and only Kore Goddess just sent me these samples, and i'm particularly pleased about them. Not only because these are not just the official previews that can be currently seen on her site. But also because it's the first time in quite a while since she got together with Violet Crush, after they have done such classics like the Black N Red or the Smoking Hot set. Wendy Watkins is as hot and exciting as Kore Goddess and Violet Crush. And am 100% telling the truth when i say that this is quite likely the first time that i see 3 girls together and can't decide who of them i like most. Of course we don't have to, instead we simply can enjoy the delight of seeing such hot girls together in their naturally arousing get-together. The story of this set is as brief as sweet: The girls have partied at the clubs. The vibes are still in full swing, so they decide to go together to one of their places, and the vibes are getting even hotter… Obviously!!

Kore Goddess, Violet Crush and Wendy Watkins, each of them has her long running Southern Charms site, with 100s of updates. This new adventure has so far been released on Kore Goddess' site. I'm sure that the sites of Violet Crush and Wendy Watkins will issue it very soon as well.


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