Kore Goddess: The First Mega-Boobed Anonymous

That's the kind of fun probably only Kore Goddess can come up with. The multi-talented lady from California not only is the proud owner of 40H boobs, some of the most spectacular treasures in the whole industry. She has a beautiful face with the very special look, so that you would instantly recognize her in a huge crowd, and what makes her an amazing solo model.. Also, not that rarely, she loves freaky sex. Her one of kind work is documented in way over 700 updates on her Southern Charms site, a few dozen releases on mainstream sites and another personal site dedicated to her. 

Kore Goddess as well has an exquisite musical taste. If you follow her on Twitter, you will be amazed about the stuff she is posting. And she is certainly not one second shy of telling her opinion about controversial subjects, even to the expense of scaring a few people off. Although she is soft spoken, never arrogant and obviously talks with a smile on her face, thus i can't imagine that many people would run away. Cause Kore too obviously is a sweet big package of bubbling fun.

The Anon set is Kore Goddess's 727th update on Southern Charms. Not many models would be courageous enough to do that. Kore however, besides showing some support for Anonymous, the loose network of (internet) activists, did the set also for the fun of the effect, so at least my impression. The combo of her absolutely epic boobs with the Anon mask is certainly one the most iconic things we have seen in quite a while.

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