Shione Cooper: Lookie!! Another Epic Shower Release

Checking their string of updates, i'm excited again about how much amazing content Lipstick111 keeps releasing. I can only feature occasional tasters because otherwise i wouldn't have the time for all the other great releases. I've covered a wonderful shower shower video with Shione Cooper before.

Now here's Shower Two. I have to give them credit again for capturing the most personal looking Shione. I should say the most personally sexy looking Shione. Or rather: With no strings attached, i mean no makeup, no artificial lighting and no posing, we're getting her mega delicious body and her 34F boobs in the purest (voyeuristic) views. Paired with her always stellar expressions, this is just mind-blowing. A couple of screen caps created by Lipstick111:

Additionally a few more smaller sized screen caps (again from Lipstick111). Notice these now famous glasses. Apparently she forgot to take them off, making me assume that she's wearing them in real life - whenever we saw Shione Cooper with glasses, it was always with exactly those. A nice extra effect are these shadows occasionally that she's throwing at the wall. Super sexy stuff, with a very evocative vibe - this is amazing!

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