Angelina Vallery (Vallem) - The Loose Line Between CUTE And NAUGHTY

After no news for a while now, Score has updated with so far unreleased content of Angelina Vallem (aka Angelina Vallery). I'm sure Angelina has the attention of many of us -  her 38F boobs and her luscious plump curviness are such delicious treats that hardly can be ignored. Her list of releases - mainly hardcore - isn't as big as you probably would expect, but they were impressive enough to remember her prefectly, as the naughty curvy girl with the adorable look. Creamy Curves, a 60 images set out on XLGirls, is a solo release showing the cutest Angelina Vallem ever. Lordy, never before i saw her look so drop dead gorgeous. Without coming across as tamed, as being cute and naughty seem to be very loosely linked for her, so she can be both at the same time. Doesn't she look incredible here? Samples from the preview gallery:

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