Hello Jaime! Hello Melissa Manning! Welcome To The Hype! [Upd.]

I should have anticipated that after my my "Dressing Room" post. A girl with such an exciting look even on screen caps from a self-shot video, just showing her fully dressed, such a girl is going to spark the interest of the scene's heavyweights. Okay, if you're not going to read my older entries: In 2007 she had a short claim to mini fame as Melissa on TotalSuperCuties. And disappeared. 4 years later she resurfaced as Jaime on Cosmid. So checking the news today i find that several other blogs are running hot with fresh updates about her. Additionally i find my own blog stats topped by search quests looking for Melissa Manning! Yes, that's her name now. Welcome to the hype, Melissa!

The news is: Melissa has worked with Score. And the first releases are out. To get maximum attention for these, Score have published 2 entries in succession on their blog, a detailed introduction and interview bytes. And now the wave is rolling… The big boob scene had been desperate for another hype, in particular after rather slow news for a while. I hope Melissa will keep her feet on the ground and make the right decisions ensuring her a longer career. Reading in other blog entries… SmoothieLuv did some great research finding that Melissa is on Twitter and on MyFreeCams [edit: on both places as MelissaM34G now, after she changed the account names today]  

American Boob Idol is released as an image set and a video. Scoreland subscribers get the 60 images set. Nice choice with her outfit, very idol-like, while light and makeup don't interfere, so Melissa comes across as the radiant naturally sexy beauty. Samples from the preview gallery.

The 16:53 video to American Boob Idol, out on Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland, has an interview part, and Melissa Manning trying various outfits. She makes sure that we don't miss her tasty looking 34G boobs. Totally sexy and captivating again, in everything that she does, just in her natural style, without extra strings attached. Screen caps from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips:

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