Leanne Crow Announces New Website

Leanne Crow posted a video to Youtube last night where she tells that "her new website" is being worked on and going to be up "in the next few months". She adds that the site will be "different" to her last one. F. ex. it will include live web chat. Leanne didn't mention more details, so - because otherwise the whole announcement would have been different - i conclude that it will not be a paysite. Now, what we all are wondering: what's up with her talk from July about to stop topless modeling? - No word about that, thus i'd guess she has dropped those plans.

Leanne recorded this clip in Los Angeles where she currently is for shoots. Looks like she had a few drinks before with her friends, so expect a lot of goofing around, fun and crazy looks. Tumultuous Leanne Crow style! No boobie shots in a Youtube clip of course. Super amazing again are Leanne's expressions. This girl could be a comedian. Surely the cutest and sexiest one that we've ever seen. I've snapped a few screen caps quick because those make a more lasting impression than just watching the clip.

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